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"best fit for perfect woman"

Hygienic solutions in modern products for women who value high quality

Under Bella brand we offer a wide range of products: sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons and cosmetics for intimate hygiene. Bella is still evolving, and for many years has been a synonymous of confidence, comfort and safety. It changes itself just like women through the years - their tastes, needs and lifestyle. The success of Bella brand is primarily the care for the highest quality products, openness to modern technology and willingness to create a flexible offer.

Our offer

Classic sanitary napkins are perfect answer for women who value tradition, prefer traditional thickness and appreciate comfort and security. On the other hand - high protection is provided by Ultra thin sanitary napkins which are made with the use of latest technology and European standards. For active women - tampons are perfect answer for the freedom of movement,  modern trends and unlimited certainty. Additionally, everyday hygiene is supported by panty liners which provides dicreet protection for special prefferences. Recommended by gynecologists - use of intimate wash is unquestionable proof of your hygiene attitude.

our products

Bella Donna

The production of hygienic products for women, sanitary pads Donna, starts. Since then the product quality has continuously been enhanced and the brand name was changed from Donna into Bella Donna, which means “a beautiful woman” in Italian.

Bella brand

Hygienic products under the Bella brand are launched.

Panty Classic

TZMO as the first manufacturer in Poland starts the production of cellulose pantyliners, which in the 1990’s were branded E-Day, and now are known as Panty Classic.

Bella Nova

Bella Nova – the first sanitary pads with wings. TZMO as the first manufacturer in Poland to produce sanitary pads with wings!

Bella Perfecta

Bella Perfecta – the first ultra thin sanitary pads manufactured in Poland. The pad’s thickness is  reduced to 2mm to provide greater comfort.

Bella Intima

TZMO starts the production of ultra thin pantyliners Bella Intima. After years of improvement Bella Intima is now the only pantyliner on the market to have a cover made of 100% cotton.


TZMO launches first tampons in its offer. Tampons with an applicator are introduced a year later.

The year of innovation

The year of innovation - outer film is replaced with breathable laminate in all hygienic products. To this day all our products are air breathable, namely enabling airflow to the skin and, thus, providing extra comfort.

Bella Perfecta Rose

First scented ultra thin sanitary pads, Bella Perfecta Rose and Bella Perfecta Violet, are launched.

Bella for Teens

Bella for Teens is the first line of hygienic products in Poland exclusively dedicated to teenagers. Pantyliners, tampons and sanitary pads are available in various colours and scents.

our offer

  • Sanitary napkins
  • Tampons
  • Panty liners
  • Intimate washes

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East