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"best fit for perfect woman"

Hygienic solutions in modern products for women who value high quality

Under Bella brand we offer a wide range of products: sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons and cosmetics for intimate hygiene. Bella is still evolving, and for many years has been a synonymous of confidence, comfort and safety. It changes itself just like women through the years - their tastes, needs and lifestyle. The success of Bella brand is primarily the care for the highest quality products, openness to modern technology and willingness to create a flexible offer.

Our offer

Classic sanitary napkins are perfect answer for women who value tradition, prefer traditional thickness and appreciate comfort and security. On the other hand - high protection is provided by Ultra thin sanitary napkins which are made with the use of latest technology and European standards. For active women - tampons are perfect answer for the freedom of movement,  modern trends and unlimited certainty. Additionally, everyday hygiene is supported by panty liners which provides dicreet protection for special prefferences. Recommended by gynecologists - use of intimate wash is unquestionable proof of your hygiene attitude.

our products

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Bella Ideale
Revolutionary Premium Sanitary Napkins

Bella presents a revolutionary premium product Ideale that combines most desirable and valued attributes of sanitary napkin.

Innovative, technologically advanced double structure of top sheet with pure cotton fibres inside ensures immediate feeling of dryness and comfort, instant absorption, complete dryness and ultimate flexibility to make you feel most comfortable.

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Bella Maxi Drai Wings
7, 15 pcs
  • dry cover for women with normal skin who value dryness
  • extended length to give additional protection
  • perfect for the night time
  • anatomical shape makes the pad adjusted to the body's curves
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Bella Maxi Softi Wings
7, 15 pcs
  • soft cover for senstive skin and soft feel
  • extended length for higher protection
  • perfect solution for the night time
  • super absorption is a guarantee of movement freedom
bella panty mini 36.png
Bella Panty Mini
36 pcs
  • padliner with exceptionally small size,
  • soft topsheet for a pleasant sensations
  • great skin protection against skin irritations
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Bella Panty Soft
12, 20, 60pcs
  • small pads for daily protection
  • guarantee of natural softness
  • recommended for women who would like to use it for the first time
  • available option with the fragrance and pocket-packed
Bella Regular Drai
With and Without Wings
  • dry cover provides essential feeling of freshness and dryness
  • cushioned core for better protection
  • great security is assured by natural thickness
Bella Sensitive Intimate Wash
For Woman

Gentle emulsion wash for women with extremely sensitive skin recommended for everyday care of intimate body parts. Ingredients contained in the gel: allantoin, D-panthenol and glycerin improve skin renewal and soothes irritations, and lactic acid maintaines balanced pH

- It reduces skin irritations, moisturizers and improves the texture of skin

- Keeps proper skin hydration

- Neutral pH keeps the natural protective barrier of the skin intact

- Mild and skin friendly feminine liquid wash for daily hygiene

Sanitary Napkins and Pantyliners with herbal extracts

Herbal hygienic products lines of pantyliners and sanitary napkins  enriched with such herbal extracts as: verbena, tilia and plantago for more demanding skin.

Tampo Bella Mini
8, 16 pcs
  • exceptionally small sized tampon
  • for women who would like to use for the first time
  • for light flow
Tampo Bella Regular
8, 16 pcs
  • regular sized tampon
  • easy apply thanks to premium comfort cover
  • for moderate flow
Tampo Bella Super
8, 16 pcs
  • super sized tampon
  • pwerfect answer for more demanding women
  • for heavy flow
Tampo Bella Super Plus
8, 16 pcs
  • super plus sized tampon
  • for women who find Super size insufficient
  • for very heavy flow

our offer

  • Sanitary napkins
  • Tampons
  • Panty liners
  • Intimate washes

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East