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Bella Baby Happy
BB-054-LA05-001 BBH L 5.jpg
BB-054-ME05-003 BBH diapers IN M a5.jpg
BB-062-W064-010 BBH wet wipes Allantoin Vit. E a64 west (1).jpg
BB-055-JU22-004 HAPPY PANTS xl a22 IN (1).jpg
BB-055-LU24-004 HAPPY PANTS l a24 IN (1).jpg
happy chusteczki krokodyl i zebra.jpg
Mamma 30 (1).jpg

Bella Baby Happy

"with you from the very first moments"

Every baby and child is the little bundle of joy and needs so much caring for... We are here to back up!

First moments at home with your newborn baby. For you both it is a miraculous time when you learn how to love and trust each other. However, at the start of this brandly new route many questions and uncertainties may appear in mother’s head! It’s quite understandable.

Happy brand is with you from the moment of the birth of your beloved Baby. It supports you and provides the best care for your Baby! Our devoted heart, long-standing experience and state of the art technologies are hidden inside the product making daily care of happy children easier and more convenient.

Our diapers stand out through the DIAPER RASH FREE SYSTEM - five unique features developed along the proposals of mothers from around the world:

BRETHABLE - surface layer lets the skin breath

LATEX FREE - safety for your baby comes first, that's why - no latex

ODOUR STOP - none of that bad smell

QUICK AND HIGH ABSORPTION - wheh baby is dry, baby deesn't cry!

CHLORINE FREE - no harsh chemicals for the tender skin

our products

BB-054-XL05-001 BBH XL 5.jpg
Bella Baby Happy Extra Large Diapers
  • for babies of +12kg weight range
  • NEW especially designed distribution layer accelerates apsorption
  • strech waistbands placed at the front and back side of a diaper enable its perfect fit
  • anatomical shape makes baby's moves easier and more comfortbale
BB-054-XS05-001 BBH XS 5 (1).jpg
Bella Baby Happy Extra Small Diapers
  • for newborn babies of 2-4 kg weight range
  • unique openining for the umbilical cord
  • PREMIUM DRY structure enables quick absorption of urine and runny faeces
  • allows the skin to breathe which is extremly important with babies
BB-054-LA48-001 BBH L 48 (1).jpg
Bella Baby Happy Large Diapers
  • for babies of 9-14 kg weight range,
  • NEW especially designed distribution layer accelerates apsorption,
  • strech waistbands placed at the front and back side of a diaper enable its perfect fit
  • protects the stomach from pressure


BB-054-ME05-003 BBH diapers IN M a5.jpg
Bella Baby Happy Medium Diapers
  • for babies of 6-10 kg weight range
  • NEW especially designed distribution layer accelerates apsorption
  • anatomical shape that makes the diaper more comfortable for the child who strats to crawl and then make first steps
BB-055-LU24-004 HAPPY PANTS l a24 IN (1).jpg
Bella Baby Happy Pull Up Diapers
  • Baby pants imported from Russia
  • Air flow technology allows free air circulation to protect from skin irritations and rashes
  • Quick and simple way of putting the diaper on
  • Fast absorption and great feeling of dryness
  • Easy and hassle-free diaper changing
  • Underwear like
  • Safety confirmed by dermatologists (no perfume, no chlorine, no latex)
BB-054-SM05-001 BBH S 5.jpg
Bella Baby Happy Small Diapers
  • for babies of 3-8 kg weight range
  • PREMIUM DRY SYSTEM enables quick absorption of urine and runny faces
  • gentle cuffs protect from side leakeges
  • velcro fasteners ensure perfect fit to baby's body
Bella Baby Happy Underpads
  • ideal protection against staining during diaper change
  • useful during walks or travel
  • made with soft and gentle cloth
Happy Allantoin Wet Wipes
24,64 pcs
  • useful while changing diaper, for cleaning face and body
  • enriched with Vitamine E and Allantoin
Happy Milk&Honey wet wipes
64 pcs
  • with natural milk proteins,
  • suround the skin with moisturizing surface for better protection,
  • friendly for the skin
Happy Senstive Wet Wipes
56 pcs
  • best for newborn babies
  • hypoallergenic
  • aloe extract makes the skin moisturized and clean
Happy Silk&Cotton wet wipes
64 pcs
  • with natural silk proteins,
  • guarantee of cleanliness and freshness,
  • made with cotton-like cloth
Happy tissues
100 pcs


  • 2-layered multi-purpose tissues in a box
  • with funny drawings attractive for children
happy chusteczki krokodyl i zebra.jpg
Happy tissues
10 pcs
  • 3-layered multi-purposes tissues
  • pocket pack with useful clip
Mamma 30 (1).jpg
MAMMA breast pads
30 pcs
  • nursing pads for feeding mothers
  • effective protection against leaks and stainings
  • comfortable sticker

our offer

  • Happy baby diapers
  • Happy pull up diapers
  • Happy wet wipes
  • Happy tissues
  • MAMMA breast pads

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East