Bella Cotton
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Bella Cotton

"for a clean and happy family"

Wide variety of natural cotton products for medical, cosmetic and hygienic purposes.

These days, the importance of skin care is becoming more and more significant. We come forward to meet the needs of our beloved Customers with pure cotton, chlorine free solutions for their whole families. Those products with their natural origin and high quality confirmed by many tests of Institute of Allergology can be considered only as a safe answer for personal needs.


Additionally - specifically designed for modern women'sneeds to help them in everday grooming. Smartly shaped cotton buds with spatula at one end and point at the other for make-up application, useful wet wipes for removal.

our products

Bella Cotton Balls
100 pcs
  • exceptionally gentle and absorbent,
  • perfect for removing make-up and nail polish,
  • recommended also for babies and children care
Bella Cotton Buds
foil, plastic box / 100,150,200 pcs
  • useful for cleaning purposes,
  • buds with plastic box can be placed in a bathroom,
  • buds in a foil fit perfectly to the vanity case
Bella Cotton Pads
round, square, oval / 25, 50, 70, 80 pcs
  • various sizes for every need,
  • delicate, do not leave separate fibres,
  • can be used with every type of the skin,
  • recommended for baby and children care,
  • useful for facial care, nail polish removing
Bella Cotton Wool
50, 100, 200 g
  • made with carefully selected cotton,
  • good for hygienic purposes, especially useful for medical needs
  • guarantee of softness and high absorbency,
  • available with 'flip-top' opening which allows multiply opening and closing,

our offer

  • Cotton buds
  • Cotton pads
  • Cotton wool
  • Cotton balls

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East